Thank you for choosing the transportation service of IMM Business Travel! With this IBT Car, we would like to provide you with an ideal business class service through the 3 main qualities of Convenience, Safety and Comfort. Like no other multi-purpose vehicle, the IBT Car is enhanced by all necessary conveniences for both business and relaxing purposes. Moreover, the safety system and frequently essential maintenance work guarantee secureness and confidence. Last but not least, the extended space and cosy interior are to deliver the most welcoming and comfortable experience the moment you step in.

Name of the car: IBT car
Seats: 7 seats(Upgraded)
Original brand: Hyundai Starex H-1
Year of production: 2015

Size (LxWxH): 5.1x1.9x1.9(m)
Colour: NBA(Space black)

Safety system: Front brakes
Rear brakes
Dual airbag


The IBT car welcomes you with all urban conveniences including internet, electronic supports, entertainment, and working desks. Passengers can relax or do business when traveling as their wish.

Connection & Charging
Wifi + plug outlet + Bluetooth
The wifi connection helps passengers to update the latest information for their own social networks or business, while the plug outlet supports the longevity of the mobile devices.
Travel Tracking
Visual navigator + GPS
With the visual navigator and GPS positioning offered on the personal LCD screen, passengers can keep track on their journey and make arrangements to their destination.
Personal LCD screen + music
The journey is far from boring in the IBT car, passengers can select their favorite movies, games, and music with their own LCD screen.
Soft F&B
Mini fridge
The mini fridge serves cool drinks and cold towels for contentment.
Folding Desks
With the convenient laptop-sized working desks, now that the passengers can save time by working, eating during their


Safety always takes the most priority on every trip. A trustworthy system, strict maintenance and cheking, as well as a skillful driver are the main components of the IBT car to ensure the protection and sense of confidence for all occupants.

Safety system
BrakesDual airbag
The reliable & powerful braking system for speed control even in slippery roads. Dual airbag for keeping the driver and the passengers in effective safety zone with the minimizing likelihood of debris penetration.
Maintainance and daily checking
According to American traveling standard, the fine condition of the IBT car is always checked and reported to get fully prepared before every trip.
Skillful driver
Skillful driver and the availability for customer feedback are crucial for us to build up the quality of our services.


Thanks to the warm and elegant design of the interior, entering the IBT car is to experience the feeling as home. The spacious enhancement offers a storage area for various purposes as well as the deliberate sense of comfort.

Adjustable seat formation
The multi-purpose design to accommodate any occasions and needs by simply configuring the seats in multiple ways.
Air Conditioning
The tropical bearing design for the air condition system ensures a comfortably cool atmosphere for all occupants throughout their journey.
Soft running engine and Soundproof
The quite environment created by soft-running engine and soundproof function is a great help for healthy traveling.
Comfortable interior design (Leather seats and Carpet)
With the “feeling home” design including high quality leather seats and carpet, the IBT car brings the new level of pleasure and comfort.
Upgraded space
The upgraded 2-seat elimination offers plenty of space for the passengers’ comfort as well as professional equipment, sports gear, and holiday luggage.


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